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Known to millions as merely Cher's straight man and vocal partner, Sonny Bono was actually the writer and producer of most of Sonny & Cher's million-selling records.

Covering Bono's writing career from the late 50s to the early 60s, and through his psychedelic era, BONOGRAPH presents a wide range of styles and interpretations of Bono's material. Many of the bands on this CD are touring the country with Sonny Bono songs as part of their show, bringing Bono's songs to a new generation.

Bogus Records presents the material of Sonny Bono through the spirit and power of today's hippest young bands on BONOGRAPH...Sonny Gets his Share!

Sonny Gets His Share

Bonogrpah CD

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The Flat Duo Jets, The Young Fresh Fellows, Peter Holsapple, The Cynics, Ben Vaughn, The Frampton Brothers, and more!

Sixteen alternative bands interpret the songs of Sonny Bono, from early Sonny (Needles & Pins), through the Sonny & Cher hits (Bang, Bang), and on to Psychedelic Sonny (Pammie's on a Bummer).

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CD- #CD4-042591

Cassette- #CA9-042591


"Twisted but inventive"
- People

"... a whole lot of fun"
-Chicago Tribune

"BONOGRAPH elbows it's way to the top of the tribute heap, a respectful salute to a misunderstood pop icon"
- LA Reader

"BONOGRAPH is a diverting trip through the musical career of the late congressman . . ." one of the "precious few tribute albums worth owning."

 "Bogus Records has assembled a fine cast of artists to pay homage to Sonny . . . this collection is no joke and there are many tunes worthy of instant and repeated play . . . search out a copy of BONOGRAPH immediately . . ."
-The Hard Report

 "If you think that the idea of a Sonny Bono tribute disc is pretty bizarre, you're right; if you think that this is nothing more than an elaborate gag, think again. Bono has written some righteous tunes, and most all of them are on BONOGRAPH."

"Buy it today. Buy it if you remember any of these songs--you'll be surprised how fresh and timeless they are. Buy it if you've never heard of Sonny Bono, the bands on this thing are great. Whatever the reason,
just buy it. The man was cool."
-Splatter Effect

"I'm telling you-you haven't lived until you've heard the classic sounds of Sonny Bono music played by bands like [these] . . .
the music is pretty damn good . . . sit back, kick up your platform heels, rearrange your bellbottoms and dig into a 90s take on the 70s sound that once rocked a generation
as the beat went on . . ."
-Philly Alternatives

Needles and Pins
Flat Duo Jets

Laugh at Me
Otis Ball

Baby, Don't Go
Charlie Chesterman and
The Harmony Rockets

Koko Joe
Ben Vaughn

Bang Bang
The Frampton Brothers

Magic in the Air
The Wishniaks

It's the Little Things
The Skeletons

The Beat Goes On
The Spuds

Our Last Show
Scott McCaughey

I Got You Babe
The Cynics

My Best Friend's Girl is
Out of Sight

I Look For You
Peter Holsapple

You Better Sit Down, Kids
What Else (featuring Jim Babjak & Dennis Diken)

I Just Sit There
Young Fresh Fellows

It's Gonna Rain
Pink Slip Daddy

Pammie's on a Bummer
The Jimmy Silva Sextet





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