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frampton brothers


" ...a triumphant success. The Brothers play pop music, with big ol' tambourines and visions of Brian Wilson, soda pop and Keith Partridge. Ed Masley's songs are personally revealing, complaining, but smiling and not whining."

-Scott McCaughey
The Seattle Rocket

"The new Frampton Brothers CD, I Am Curious (George), is the sort of record that could become a cult classic. And it would become so for all the right reasons."

-Charlie Humphrey
In Pittsburgh

"Happy rocking music from a band that promises a lot and then delivers Pop music for the reckless generation."

Factsheet Five

"Try and imagine Laugh-In meets Hee-Haw guest-starring the Kinks - only hipper. And Smarter."

-Ellen Ito
The Scene, Spokane

"Chief Frampton Ed Masley uses a handful of hooks and a head full of irreverent yet romantic thoughts to produce songs of quirky beauty."

-John Young
C-Ville Review,
Charlottesville, VA

"In wildly inventive lines that are often funny, sometimes cruel and occasionally even moving, [Masley] offers a skewed, original world view."

-Peter B. King
The Pittsburgh Press

"I wouldn't trade the bit of Like an Oliver Stone for ten versions of whatever's passing for social comment these days."

-Silvia Muller
Cake Magazine, Minneapolis

 "A really great effort from these Pittsburghers. Jangly rock with a touch of blues, a speck of folk, and a lot of cool lyrics."

-Chuck van Keuren
Music Director, WPTS Radio

"Let's just say these Pittsburgh yahoos are smart but not smarmy, cool but not cutesy a mix of taut pop songs with jangly guitars butting heads with neo-rockabilly songs and fuzztone garage rock. Virtually every tune has a good guitar break and vocal hook."

-Fred Mills





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