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 cd-frampton don't fall asleep

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don't fall asleep...horrible things will happen

The constantly touring Frampton Brothers recorded this, their second CD, in Seattle, Boston, and Philadelphia, and rave reviews and airplay are showing up worldwide. Once again lead-Frampton Ed Masley's brilliant songwriting shines though. Features Like An Oliver Stone, I'm In Love With The Label Rep, She's Posing Nude, and more.
Produced by Charlie Chesterman

"The Frampton Brothers will restore your faith in Rock N'Roll."
-Barry Beintende, San Diego Newsline

don't fall asleep

CD- #CD9-041493

Cassette- #CA16-041493

 cd-frampton george

I Am Curious (George)

Clever, witty, and sometimes biting lyrics by head-FRAMPTON Ed Masley about the trials and tribulations of being a regular guy with regular obsessions, all merged with loud jangly guitars and pounding drums. Long after the song is over, you'll find Masley's lyrical hooks sticking to your brain like the peanut butter of truth.
Produced by former Scruffy the Cat, Charlie Chesterman and Ben "Third Rock From the Sun" Vaughn.

"Masley is a talent to watch; he could be a major songwriter if he doesn't get too famous and kill off all his inspirations. I Am Curious (George) is a real find."
-Capitol Times

george cd

CD- #CD2-012991

Cassette- #CA8-012991

 45 oliver stone

Like an Oliver Stone/Evil Twin

The power, guts, and cynicsm you can only get from a year on the road drives this 7". Masley may be a child of the 70's but he can tell when someone is screwin' with the 60's. The B-side is open for interpretation, it's either dark... or very dark.

"I wouldn't trade the bite of Like An Oliver Stone for ten versions of whatever's passing for social comment these days."
-Cake Magazine


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 Frampton Brothers Releases on Other Labels

 cd-frampton hate you

Frampton Brothers
Hate You

Six songs from the Frampton's Seattle sessions, recorded and mixed by Conrad Uno & Scott McCaughey. Overly Optimistic Blues, Mr. Airbrush Man, Touch of Shit, and more.

Available from Boltremover Records

 cd-frampton file under f

 Frampton Brothers
File Under F
(for failure)

The latest release from the Framptons on Cacophone Records. Includes the title track, plus instant classics like Drag, The Beginning of the End of the Fun Years, Evil Twin, and more.

Available from Cacophone Records


  • Do the Chair/(I Wanna be Your) Furniture
    7" on PopLlama
    ~SOLD OUT~
  • Bang Bang (B-side of Cynics I Got You, Babe)
    7" on Get Hip
    ~SOLD OUT~

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